My name is James Lytle. As a designer, my philosophy has been challenged and strengthened through various media and techniques over the years. My passion has always been accurate, innovative, and compelling story-telling, with a particular interest in the ideation process and live presentations from my background in industrial design.

Visualizing information as a means to problem-solving and understanding is where I've been unavoidably drawn over the past year. Everyday, our minds are unconsciously making billions of visual decisions that are not in the slightest bit overwhelming to our senses under normal conditions. This is because our mind has developed a visual understanding of relevant information. Understanding the big picture and details at the same time, within the same view, is how each person is inherently specialized. It follows that we are capable of understanding all information or conceptual ideas in this form; specifically for clarifying those areas most relevant to our everyday lives: business analysis, customer relations, personal insights, and general conceptual understanding. All these areas communicated within more appropriate visual contexts give rise to better understanding and, therefore, motivation to act given reliable sources.

With a particular interest in data-driven graphics, my goal is to create visual applications that invite the viewer to engage, explore, and discover new insights about information relevant to them. This website will be a bit of a cookie crumb trail of new explorations in content presentation with the information visualization approach in addition to an evolution of some interface designs and print work through the years.


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Design lead at Juice Analytics